Touch is very beneficial to your baby.

Shiatsu is a beautiful and gentle way of working with babies and children. In babies it can help to restore balance following the birth process and ease the transition to outside world.

The massage includes lots of gentle stroking and touch, some stretching, some movements and stimulation of acupressure points are used. This not only promotes release of blockages but by postural rebalancing it also encourages a proper physical and emotional development.

img_1405Benefits of Shiatsu for babies:

  • Supports bonding with the mother by giving space to be with the baby
  • Supports feeding
  • Supports emotional development
  • Supports digestion
  • Supports sleeping
  • Relieves constipations
  • Eases diarrhea
  • Eases abdominal pain
  • Eases teething
  • Rebalances posture and improves of muscle tone and joint function
  • Supports proper psychomotor development
  • Prepares for sitting, crawling and walking

Benefits of Shiatsu for children and teenagers:

  • Eases headaches
  • Help with control of asthma
  • Eases skin rashes and eczema
  • Helps with reoccurring infections
  • ADHD and behavioral problems

At the clinic Barbora concentrates on wellness and how to restore health safely. To come up with customized treatment for each individual child’s current needs she investigates all aspects of a child’s health such as physical health, diet, environment and emotional wellbeing. The presenting symptoms are then treated with Shiatsu massage, dietary changes, exercise advice and more.

Barbora holds Diploma in Shiatsu and oriental therapies and has trained in prenatal and postnatal Shiatsu with Suzanne Yates (UK), Awakening The Body intelligence and The Feminine with Tarnie Fullon (USA) and PediatricsEssential with Robin Green (USA). She continues deepening her Shiatsu skills by attending other relevant courses and workshops.

She is a fully accredited member of Shiatsu Association of Australia and registered with all major health funds.