Barbora is the therapist behind GentleTouchShiatsu – specialising in women’s and children’ health.

Her passion for women’s health started more than two decades ago when Barbora had the opportunity to watch and learn from her grandmother who dedicated her life to women as a gynecological nurse, midwife and child health educator.

When her grandmother became aware of Barbora’s interest she started sharing her knowledge and has ever since. She taught Barbora about women’s health not only from the western medicine point of view but also with an emphasis on the importance of nutrition and herbs.

After finishing high school Barbora decided to pursue a different career path in human resources but continued to always be drawn to natural therapies.

After her arrival in Australia she experienced the transformational benefits of Shiatsu treatment during many health retreats, followed by numerous treatments for alignments.

Barbora’s immediate fascination in the subject soon saw her enrolled in the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies at Nature Care College in Sydney.

After graduating Barbora started working at Qi Yoga Manly and after relocating to Perth continued her clinic work at The Source of Wellness.

Further to her Diploma, Barbora has also completed prenatal and postnatal courses with Suzanne Yates (UK) and Pediatrics Essential with Robin Green (USA).

Barbora believes that by listening to your body’s wisdom you can implement lasting change in your life which support and benefit your ability to feel whole and happy – and that Shiatsu therapy has the potential to unlock a great source of self-healing.

Treatments by Barbora are gentle and nurturing but can be strong at times. To address any specific imbalances she views each client as a unique individual by fully assessing their health including their physical health, diet, environment and emotional wellbeing. These can present in various symptoms at the time and are treated with Shiatsu massage, dietary changes, exercise advice and more.

Barbora is a fully accredited member of the Shiatsu Association of Australia and is registered with all major health funds.